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Hey, guys,

thanks again for having me on the show. Apart from the
fact that I look like ... that was really fun and hopefully
most people will listen to the audio version anyway ;-)

My blog entry about PXE-booting is making progress,
ETA in a week or two. I hope you will briefly mention
and link it in one of the next episodes.

The talk about the proServer (essentially) setup for
EuroBSDCon was accepted. Yay!

I found it amusing that you mentioned Andy Tanenbaum's
book, since this is what sparked my interest in operating
systems in the first place. Just some links for the show notes:

This is the edition I learned Unix/Minix from:

It has since been superseded by 2nd and 3rd edition:

I own the second and I assume the third one is of equal quality.

The only point one might criticize about this book is that - as
all textbooks on operating systems I know - it draws a way too simplistic
picture of "the machine". See GNN's brilliant keynote in Belgrade:
Slides 16, 19, 20.

Another marvelous text if you are interested in operating systems *and*
Unix history is this:

Wholeheartedly recommended. If you finally realize how the "you are not
expected to understand this" code works ... ahh - that feeling of enlightenment ;-)
And the arcane C is great fun :-)

And last for all tech history nuts like myself:

Take care,
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