Pablo - Topic suggestion: FreeBSD on a Laptop as daily driver

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Hello there,

I really like your show and it actually got me started experimenting
with freeBSD on a separate partition of my laptop. I'm learning a lot!

As you always ask listeners to submit questions and suggestions, here is
mine, even though it might not be that much of an "advanced topic" as
the others covered in your show:

What is your experience with bsd as a day-to-day all-around OS for your
desktop and laptop?

        - Is it "usable"? (as in: not just theoretically)
        - How do would you rapidly manage Wifis and networks (e.g. travelling)
        - What common applications will I miss?
        - What are good alternatives?
        - What problems will I run into?
        - What advantages will I have over using linux?
        - What steps should I take to configure BSD for a laptop in particular?
        - What about power usage on mobile devices?
        - Is this even a Good Idea™?

I know BSD's focus might be more on servers and non-graphical
applications, but freebsd in particular advertises itself as a "general
purpose operating system" so, how good is as workstation/"personal" OS?

About me: I come from a linux background and have been happily using
Arch with the i3 window manager for years. I'm very interested in trying
bsd, as I like the concepts behind it.

I thought I'll ask.
Keep on the good show!


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