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BSU Gurus,

I have listened to BSD Now since the very first episode. I enjoy all the BSDs, vacillating between all of them for one reason or another. I tended to stay away from FreeBSD because it was so popular (I hear Alan saying, “That’s weird.”); however, that all came to an end with installation of GhostBSD. Now my development workstation is FreeBSD and all my servers are FreeBSD (FreeNAS included and pfsense included).


Shameful disclosure. Because I was not using FreeBSD at the time, whenever something about ZFS came on I would only half listen. “What is this? ZFS Now?” Well, I’ve tested the ZFS waters and I’m hooked. Now I have a ZFS question.


Background. I had a FreeBSD file server that I needed to turn into my new desktop since my other workstation crashed and burned. I wanted to save the data on the disk used by the file server (1TB disk). I added a 3TB disk as my primary disk and installed GhostBSD to that drive. Now I want to be able to mount the old drive (formatted with ZFS) in order to access the files. So, how do I do that? I created a new pool called “swimming” but I am not sure how to mount the partitions of the old drive. Help me Alan-wan, you’re my only hope.


Thanks in advance.


Now that I am a FreeBSD padawan, I’ll be asking you guys all the questions everyone else is afraid to ask. Yes, Jude-vador, I have succumbed to the dark side
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