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Hey there, nerds!

I hear you're starving from feedback deficit?
Well, here i am, TADDAAH! :D

While playing with my home lab server and ZFS on Linux, i noticed, that
my L2ARC was flushed (invalidated?) after reboot. zpool iostat -v said 0
alloc, well, a few hundred MB actually, but none of those tens of
gigabytes from prior to rebooting were mentioned.

That's a rather surprising behaviour. This means that the boot time of
the bare-metal host, as well as the auto-start VMs, will not benefit
from the L2ARC on the SSD. What's worse though, is that re-populating
the L2ARC burns through the SSDs' write cycles much more quickly than
reusing previously cached data.

Maybe i did something wrong, forgot to toggle a persistence flag or
something. I just opened a new search results tab for "persistent l2arc
reboot"  ...i'll iterate that promising looking list later. Maybe you
can shine some light of wisdom on that topic too, so young players will
be aware of those traps.

Why would ZFS do that?
What monsters lurk in the roadside bushes on the path to persistence?

Fluffy greetings
Felis Ri-di-bun-dus

...that's Latin for LOLcat :3
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