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Hi, ..

I'm a longtime viewer of your show, .. ever since it pretty much
released, great show btw, ..

Anyway today I understand, there was some little company looking for a
sysadmin, .. I'm not like an official sysadmin atm I'm a service
engineer, however been doing my own system administration on FreeBSD for
years ever since FreeBSD 4.9 or 4.11 not quite sure which one was my
first FreeBSD, prior to that I've used debian and redhat, .. not quite
sure which version those had but I do remember they linux kernel 2.2. So
I've been using Linux/BSD for a long time now.

Pretty much got into BSD and linux the same way Allan did, I just wanted
to run an IRCd and there where no good windows options available, .. :p
there was one though, "WIRCd" or something, .. but it was really unstable.

At the moment I do pretty much everything myself from DNS,HTTP,NFS, ..
to Mail. Never used exim though, ..

I'm not saying this qualifies me as a system administrator however I
guess I've got a little more experience then those that have no
knowledge at all and if they want I'm more then happy to help out.

Regards, ..

Wouter Snels

BTW: English is not my native language so, go easy on me :)
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