Dale - ZFS on Linux moving to ZFS on FreeBSD

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Hello Allan and Benedict,

I really like BSD Now and look forward to each episode.

I've been using ZFS on Debian for 10 months and Linux in general since 1996.  I also have been using OpenBSD since 2000.  I  currently have six 1TB WD Red drives.  They are in a striped mirrored Vdev. (3 drives with 3 mirrors)  They contain the media for my Plex Server.  I really like ZFS and been wanting to try FreeBSD.

I used a striped set for better read performance.  I have multiple copies of the media so a disk failure is not a problem.  Other than replacing the disk and the hassle of copying 2 TB of data.

My plan is to use my current striped set.  I want to create another Zpool with larger drives for future expansion.  Can ZFS on FreeBSD read my set created on Linux?

If it can not.  What is the best configuration for my 6 drives?  If I create a RaidZ2 I would gain 1TB of space and have 2 parity drives.  As I understand it.  My concern with that is my read performance compared to striping.

Thank you.

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