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Hello Allan and Benedict,

Just a quick question. What are your recommended strategies for ZFS snapshots? I recall many moons ago, Allan saying something about taking a snapshot every hour, keeping one of those snapshots as a daily, keeping one of the dailies for a month, and keeping a monthly for a year. Unfortunately, I don't remember whether that was here or on TechSNAP, and that is a lot of content to go through to find one comment.

I also remember talking to Kris about this question back in the days of 10.2 or 10.3, and he said that this snapshot frequency would wind up bogging down the system or something similar. His recommendation was one snapshot per day.

I'm on TrueOS 12 now, and while LifePreserver has been rolled into sysadm, I have had my trials and tribulations with that as well.

So what do you recommend for snapshot frequency and retention, and what tools do you use to make it happen?

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