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Hi Allan and Benedict,

Many thanks for the continueed excellence of BSD Now.

I’ve been an IT nerd for many years, having climbed up the seven circles of Dante (Windows being the pit of the pit) and, having had a paradigm shift, can see the glory of the golden light on the horizon.

Sadly, I don’t get to use FreeBSD on a regular basis, but have given myself a little project in terms of presenting iscsi volumes and after many weeks of frustration with tgtd on Linux (random reboots), my FreeBSD sandbox NAS was up and serving in less than 30 minutes.  My only googling was for the ctl configuration - the rest was intuitive and my face still aches from the smile of sheer pleasure in getting something up and running without the usual messing about.

That aside, I do have a question, regarding zvols and compression.

Without wishing to go into too much detail, if I present a zfs volume, format it with xfs (I know, I know….), does zfs still compress?

Again, many thanks for providing clarity in the very foggy environment that is IT,

I have two more questions:
1) Solaris zfs has set shareiscsi option.  Will this be ported to FreedBSD or is it a case of zfs create -V …. and then configuring this in ctl?
2) VMWare tools shared folders - will this happen or is it permanently depracated?  Unfortunately, the sandbox thing I’m working on has to run on any client and setting up nfs/samba is compromising my apathy - I want people to be able to access stuff and the developers will not want to enter a username/password and the users will not know how to enter a username/password.

Onwards and upwards.  Thanks again,

Kindest Regards,
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