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Hey guys! Love the show, been listening to it in the mornings on my drive to work.

Been playing around with Tarsnap on ZFS on FreeBSD and I was wondering a couple things.

Heres how I have things setup.
my "Atlas" - FreeBSD server, 5 6tb drives raidz1, - plex media server, "sonarr, radarr & associated tidbits”.
my “Tibet" - Arch server soon to be nuked in favour of another FreeBSD server used to mount NFS share and play shows.
OSX Laptop.
Windows Laptop & workstation, for family who want their clicky, clicky, pointy, pointy.
Apple TV.
Ubiquity Edge Router Lite.

Each server and laptop runs Resilio Sync Pro, paid for it way back & its lifetime, seems to work even tho its not free and I can’t check the code, so not sure if theres any funniness going on or not. But its been working, mostly…

Anyways, using Resilio Sync. I’ve consolidated important documents, work time-logs, spreadsheets, text-files, music, etc. into separate folders and sync it across the local network between my servers. The nice things about this is I can access any of this data from the spreadsheets etc on my phone using the Resilio Sync App. And, its backed up between all my machines and kept in sync. This drastically lowers the chance I’ll loose it. Not to mention the added benefit one of the hosts is backed by ZFS and it’s checksums and redundancy goodness.
Taking it one step further, why not. I heard you guys talking about Tarsnap, so I checked it out. I now take Tarsnap daily backups via Cron, of select folders. Documents and Notes, Information that I really don’t want to loose…

With all that background out of the way, heres my question. The ZFS Dataset on FreeBSD which holds the Sync Folder has compression turned on. According to Tarsnap Tips pages ( I see the heading “Don’t use your own compression”… you guys can probably see where this is going.
Should I be using ZFS Compression with Tarsnap? Does doing so increase the Tarsnap archive size? Or is the compression done by ZFS transparent to Tarsnap? “Fingers Crossed it is”

I’m seeing Tarsnap reports saying I have a total archive size of over 550 MB compressed down to something like 272 MB which is wicked awesome.

Sorry if this has been covered in the past, as I’ve still got a good chunk of your podcasts to catchup on.

I always seem to collect too many hobbies, between computers, ham radio, Welding Trade-school, and University for Psychology. Theres always something to keep up with & now that I’m working finding time to keep up is a challenge! it’s nice to scratch that techno itch on my drive. So keep up the good work! If you or your listeners can think of any clever and useful ways to combine projects be sure to let me know! I’ve got some interesting ideas kicking around see what kinda fun me and my magic boxes can get up to… Might just try stuff out & send in some more feedback!

Anyways much love and BSD Goodness coming to you from the West Coast in Canada. 
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