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Hi everybody

I’ve just finished listening to show 214 where Allan said:  “If my inbox is not full when we record next week, I’m going to be very upset.” And then the murders began.

This article came to my attention which describes that sales of tapes are growing (since 2000 till 2016).

Because it looks that tapes are not dead and are not dying, it made me consider implementing tapes in my long-term-offsite-backup-scheme.

Here are my questions.

Should I use ZFS (send-receive) for backup to tapes OR some other program such as rsync or Bacula?

Long term backup needs consistency and correct data to begin with.  If I use only ZFS to do backup, will scrub do its job?

If the snapshots expire between two long term backups to tape, will ZFS know what to backup? Or will I have to create special snapshots just for backup?

Will I get any other advantages should I choose only ZFS to backup to tapes?

Thank you for the answers.

Keep on with the good job.

Best regards,
B (is for banana)
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