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Hi Allan & Benedict!

Question: RAID-Z Expansion.
BSDCan videos aren't out yet.  Can you give us an update on Matt Ahren's work on RaidZ expansion and your thoughts on whether it will make it in time for FreeBSD 12?

Story about how i got into BSD and the impact this show has had on my life.   

A few episodes ago you spoke about how FreeNAS was definitely a path into FreeBSD.  It was one step on my path.  Many years ago I watched a building a NAS video with Wendell (who you've had on the show) when he was with his previous channel.  That got me into FreeNAS, which led me to the show.  And now i run FreeBSD on my home server.

But that's just the tip of the iceburg.  Due to injury i was forced to quit my physical job a few years ago and head back to school in my without any clue what to pursue.  It was this show and the work done by yourselfs and many fantastic guests that inspired me to choose computer science, something i didn't think i was smart enough for (i'm doing great!).  I even chose the university to study at because that's where your guest from episode 106 was doing his Masters work.  And i thought "wow, they do some interesting things there and they must care about open source"

So FreeNAS made me aware of BSD, it was the bait, but this show is what hooked me and made me truly want to be involved.  I hope one day I'll gain the skills and/or even a job that makes me able to give back to the project and its community.

So thank you Allan, Benedict, Kris (if you're listening) and all the people working behind the scenes for having such a positive impact on my life.  This story may be a little long and i don't mind if it's omitted from the show, i just wanted to thank you all :)

With many thanks,
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