Brad - Follow up to Linus ZFS story

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I don't have an issue with his wanting to protect the kernel, but I have been discussing this with another podcast, that and the three points that I took issue with is a) Linus' misinformation about ZFS, b) Greg KH's obvious hatred of ZFS, and c) the false dichotomy he set up about ZFS and oracle suing over it, but doesn't say a word about BTRFS, which was developed by oracle whereas ZFS was inherited in the purchase of Sun.

BTW, glad to hear you come out of the shadows and appear on the show, JT...

I was corrected by the author of  the article about the license of BTRFS. Per Jim Salter:

But you're off on btrfs—the founding developer is Chris Mason, and although he was working at Oracle when he founded it, it was specifically founded as his own, and not Oracle's. Oracle has no ownership in it, and when Chris left for Facebook, he took ownership of the project with him. (And it doesn't belong to Facebook either, although they are using it increasingly, if necessarily very cautiously due to its tendency to blow tf up.)

I just wanted to make that clarification.

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