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    Hey guys, thanks for the great show. I watch EVERY week. My first question is this: since all the BSD's are separate projects developing in parallel, often coming up with different solutions to the same problem, just how compatible or incompatible are they? When Allan teaches us how to do something in FreeBSD, how likely is it to work on OpenBSD,or NetBSD?
    My next question is perhaps in a similar vein: Although you COULD use any of the BSD's for any purpose, wouldn't it be wise to stick to the one designed for your given needs? Some time back I installed OpenBSD with Xfce, firefox, office software, etc using the great tutorials from BSDNOW. It all worked really well, but I still had a system where "everything was turned off" by default for security reasons and  while it was great that no one else could hack my system, it was not great that I would never be able to hack MY OWN system if it broke( the old "plug in a Knoppix usb stick and mount the filesystem" trick didn't seem too promising). And emailing Theo De Raadt to ask why SuperTux Cart add-on's weren't working was strictly OUT. I love OpenBSD's filesystem layout and the "high-quality man pages" but I guess it was all designed for a different audience...
    Suggested topics: NetBSD install w/gui :), BSD and the maker movement, or alternatively an epic rap battle between Bryan Cantrill and Theo DeRaadt as they drop dope rhymes about the features of their respective preferred OS's.

Thanks, Steve from Arkansas
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