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Hi Allan & Benedict,

I've been watching BSDNow somewhat sporadically, but have now got into
more regular viewing(/listening) and am catching up on back episodes.
I've been an active user of ZFS (on Linux) for a couple of years
(started out with just a partition on a laptop to try it out after
hearing Allan talk about it in various venues, and ended up with zfs on
most of my systems after experiencing real-life bitrot of some files
that lived on ext4 partitions....something my carefully maintained
incremental backups did nothing to protect me from), and have been
becoming more and more interested in technologies developed 'over' in
the BSD space.

So, I'm interested in getting more experience with BSDs and had thought
about trying setting up a toy mailserver on some sort of BSD.

Part of this was prompted by an interesting (recently posted) OpenBSD
mailservice I saw pop up on one of my feeds:

As well as (a recent but slightly older) guide to setting up mailserver
on FreeBSD:

Do either of you have thoughts on these sorts of setups?

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