BSD Pizza Night - Portland

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Howdy voices of BSDNow!

Writing to let you know that several folks interested in BSD are getting
together for pizza here in Portland, Oregon on the last Thursday of the
month at 7pm, this month, on November 29th, we'll be at 48 North.  We've
been going to different pizza places for a couple years now to hang out
and talk about things of interest to BSD users, although I'm still
working on the website and mailing list.

You can find out more on where I usually post the location
at least a week ahead of time, this month tho I found a spot early
enough that there was time to email y'all with time to get it on a show.

You can also send an email to asking me to and I'll
CC you when I send out the announcement.

We're going to:

    48 North
    8801 N Lombard St
    Portland, OR 97203
    (503) 477-4646
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