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Hi Guys,

I was listening to episode 315, and Tom's question gave me an idea.  I realize that porting the current version of PF to FreeBSD would be time consuming, possibly expensive, and even if successful, a moving target, as the version of PF used in OpenBSD is actively developed.

It occurred to me, hosever, that translating the PF rules from the OpenBSD syntax to the FreeBSD syntax would be a much smaller project (for those features that they have in common), possibly even small enough for Google Summer of Code.  It would basically be a parsing engine, with dictionaries for the operating systems.  It could later be expanded to translate rule sets between different firewalls, e.g., ipfw, etc.

Another possible project would be to create "docs" for PF rules for various scenarios, possibly using the Book of PF scenarios as a starting point.

Just my $.02, I don't know any programmers for the task, and I don't know enough PF syntax to do anything useful at this point.

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