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Hello all! 

Loving the show as always.  It was great to hear Michael Lucas on the show last week.

I’ve got a question about -CURRENT, specifically the -ALPHA and -BETA snapshots.  Is there an easy way to jump from snapshot to snapshot?  I want to help test the new release, but I don’t want to periodically spend three to four hours building the system.

Back in the Beastie Bits of Episode 199, you mentioned the Mondieu tool.  When you mentioned it I got the impression that it was a cool tool you’d been notified about but hadn’t had time to evaluate yet.  It’s not had any attention in a year or so, but do you know if this could be a reliable way to jump between the snapshots?

As I said at the top of my message, I love listening to the show every week, and am especially looking forward to the deep dives.

Kind regards,
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