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Thank you by the way for a really good show! It is one show of a very few with actual, substantial technical content for developers and administrators. I've been watching and listening for years by now. I hope you are as entertained as your audience must surely be! I am looking forward to each new episode every week when bicycling forth and back to my work here in the state of Denmark in Scandinavia on that little peninsula on top of Germany guarding the sea entry to the Baltic Sea. Wait, pardon me, the same country where alumni FreeBSD developers Poul-Henning Kamp and Erwin Lansing are living at the moment.

Have you seen this article by Percona, one of the important companies in the MySQL/MariaDB ecosystem, mostly known for their solid online backup system for MySQL/MariaDB and other tools?

Let me quote the beginning of the article to wet your appetite:

"Since the purpose of a database system is to store data, there is close relationship with the filesystem. As MySQL consultants, we always look at the filesystems for performance tuning opportunities. The most common choices in term of filesystems are XFS and EXT4, on Linux it is exceptional to encounter another filesystem. Both XFS and EXT4 have pros and cons but their behaviors are well known and they perform well. They perform well but they are not without shortcomings.

Over the years, we have developed a bunch of tools and techniques to overcome these shortcomings. For example, since they don’t allow a consistent view of the filesystem, we wrote tools like Xtrabackup to backup a live MySQL database. Another example is the InnoDB double write buffer. The InnoDB double write buffer is required only because neither XFS nor EXT4 is transactional. There is one filesystem which offers nearly all the features we need, ZFS.  ZFS is arguably the most advanced filesystem available on Linux. Maybe it is time to reconsider the use of ZFS with MySQL."
-- Yves Trudeau, ZFS from a MySQL perspective (Nov 15, 2017)

Tasty bits: Backup of ~400 GB databases from almost impossible to a few seconds; "With ZFS, we can safely disable InnoDB checksums."; 

It seems a rather good overview of ZFS for database use, but I'll leave that judgement to Allan Jude. There are some additional links at the bottom of the article expanding to a series of articles.

O, a third thing: I tried in vain to use the contact form on Jupiter Broadcasting web site, but the submit button is actually missing in the Safari browser on the iPhone! I had to wait until getting home to a real computer to submit this.

Have a good Whitsuntide weekend!

Dennis Decker Jensen
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