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Hello fellow daemons,

Since EuroBSD in Belgrade I successfully switched all my boxes to FreeBSD. Until now I learned a lot and mostly thank to you, guys. Although local support for EuroBSD was almost non-existent, I'm doing my best in expanding the FreeBSD community in our hackerspace and the progress is slow but persistent, which is the real reason I'm writing to you.

Few of us decided to take the dark road of kernel development and debugging. For development, there are tons of articles, books and howtos, but not so for debugging. Also, as GDB is not part of base any more, we don't know what it means for KGDB and LLDB. As you briefly mentioned debuggers on the show, would you be kind to tell us what is the proper (modern?) way of debugging FreeBSD kernel and point out any documentation on how to get one non-kernel developer learn kernel debugging in most efficient way. Thank you very much.

Tilda Center

PS. You might have noticed one semi-lost guy with dreadlocks who couldn't get his courage to approach to you, Allan, and thank you for the amazing show - sorry!
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