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Hi Allan and Benedict,

BSDNow has been my favorite show on the network since I started watching it and I never miss an episode. I've been a long time Linux user, with Slackware being my distro of choice for many years. A little over a year ago I decided to embark on a little FreeBSD experiment, and was immediately in love. It became a little more than just an experiment, and it now runs on multiple machines in my house, including a FreeNAS server, a vanilla FreeBSD server, and my pfSense router box. 
My ultimate goal however, was to use FreeBSD on my work machine. I work from home remotely connecting to hospitals around the country via Citrix applications. For this I have used a Slackware host running Windows VirtualBox VM's. With it's excellent stability FreeBSD seemed like a great solution for this task, however I have found VirtualBox to not run well under FreeBSD. I know that Bhyve is another option but for the work that I do I need a mature and fully featured GUI virtual machine manager from which I can spin up and manage VM's quickly. Is there any hope of this situation improving in the not too distant future? 
At least in the interim I have compiled and started using ZFS under Slackware on a six 3-TB drive RaidZ array for my work machine. It has been working out great, but I would still prefer the FreeBSD way of doing things.

Thanks guys!
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