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Just wanted to clarify my host naming convention just for your own edification.

Physical boxes are named for ships (different architectures are different races, e.g. ARM devices are Romulan, Intel are Starfleet, SPARC are Klingon, etc.)

ZFS Pool names are the registry of the ship.

Thus, in my force restarting ZFS article, I have 

defiant, which has two zpools
 * NX74205 ( )
 * NCC1764 ( )

 * NCC74602 ( )

 * NX80101 ( )

It's probably a bit excessive, but a) I have been using and  refining this naming convention for almost 20 years, and b) the pool names being the registry number seemed a bit more elegant, given the naming convention, than using tank and tank1 everywhere.

Oh, and VMs are named for Star Trek characters... :)

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