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Hi all,

firstly thanks for the show!

I attended a few EuroBSD conferences and had a great time! Only downside for these is that they only happen once a year. 
Other bigger BSD conferences are happening im other continents, which naturally makes traveling much more expensive.

Then thought about joining a local BUG to scratch my BSD tech talking itch. Then i realised that the closest one is over 400km (250 miles) away.
Not acceptable, so did the second easiest thing and started a new BUG.
So in the beginning of 2018 i announced the creation of a new BUG.

Spent a few days thinking of the BUG name with my colleague. In the end went with the very first idea :)

So we decided to go with a very Beastie themed HELBUG!
As the capital on Finland is Helsinki and the plan is to operate within the main capital region.

We had our 1st meeting Feb 7th with a handfull of BSD enthusiast.

Our 2nd meeting is scheduled to be the 17th of April.

Details to the location and how to sign up are always at or at the twitters @helbsdusergroup.

Hope to see more BSD curious people attending!


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