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Hello Allan and Benedict,

I want to add a L2ARC to my server.  While doing some research.  I found some articles suggesting that I use Enterprise grade SSD's.  Due to their increased write endurance.  Are those drives really necessary compared to a consumer SSD?  I have three 1TB WD Red drives with three that are mirrors.  I want to add 4 more which is part of my second question.

I have four 1TB WD Red drives that are about 6 years old.  They are in a Netgear ReadyNas Pro 4.  They have been scrubbed every month with no errors.  I want to take the ReadyNas out of service and move the drives into my FreeBSD server.  So I can benefit from ZFS instead of proprietary raid the ReadyNas uses. 

I've been building PC's since 1992 and worked in IT Hardware service for 8 years.  We never replaced drives until they failed or showed signs of failing.

What are your opinions on continuing to use these drives?

Thank you,
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