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Hi Guys,

I'm a big fan of BSD Now, really enjoy watching it every week. I am a
(recent) NetBSD developer myself and watching the show motivates me to
do good work. I am sure it helps and motivates many other users and
developers, too.

In NetBSD, I implemented the new apropos(1) utility which unlike
conventional apropos implementations does full text search of man
pages (like proper search engines). So, you can do queries like
"install packages", "compare strings", "create new process" and still
see relevant results.

Based on it, I have created a web interface of it, called
http://man-k.org. I have also indexed man pages of all the major BSDs,
as well as Linux (kernel + glibc + coreutils) and POSIX man pages,
which are regularly kept updated.

Apart from that, there is a whatis(1) like functionality as well,
which can search across multiple platforms. It can be useful when you
want to see which operating systems support a particular function, or
which operating systems ship with a given driver. It is available at:

It would be great if you guys covered it in your show :-)

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