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Hi Allen and Bennedict,

You asked for ZFS questions and i needed some advice, so here goes:

I have a NAS with 4GB-RAM, D2700 CPU and 2x2TB HDD's in mirror with ZFS.
Now i want to do some performance testing with encryption using GELI.

What steps do i have to take to start testing with one of the disks.
And what do i need to do to mirror them weather succesful or not.

1. offline disk 2 from pool0
2. clean disk2 gpt/zfs data
3. create new gpt
4. encrypt disk2 with geli
5. create new pool: pool1
6. add disk2 to new pool1
7. what tests do i need to run ?
8. if horrible result
   - delete pool1
   - clean disk2 gpt/zfs data
   - create new gpt
   - add disk2 to pool0 ? remirror?
9. if good result:
   - zfs send pool0 to pool1 ?
   - delete pool0
   - clean disk1 gpt/zfs data
   - create new gpt
   - encrypt disk1 with geli
   - add disk1 to pool1 ? remirror?

or something?

Thanks for the help,

Awesome Mike
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