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The trade association, The Linux Foundation, has been promoting a
project called the Civil Infrastructure Platform for a few years.  It
has ambitious goals and its self-description makes it sounds like a
general FOSS project.  So in theory there should be a place for the
BSDs within it:

        The Civil Infrastructure Platform (“CIP”) is a
        collaborative, open source project hosted by the Linux
        Foundation. The CIP project is focused on establishing an
        open source “base layer” of industrial grade software to
        enable the use and implementation of software building
        blocks in civil infrastructure projects. Currently, civil
        infrastructure systems are built from the ground up, with
        little re- use of existing software building blocks.

What kind of work is currently going on in any of the BSD communities
regarding critical civil infrastructure? [1]  What role would the BSDs
have in building such an infrastructure and, specifically, in that
project?  Some web searches, including of the FreeBSD Foundation web
site, don't show up anything to me on the topic.  It would be stupid
to allow another monopoly to occur [2] since we've had our noses
rubbed in monopoly-based mistakes repeatedly.


[1] At AsiaBSDCon 2018, Henning Brauer mentioned using OpenBSD within
medical infrastructure, but that seems to be an isolated case and not
part of a larger activity:


[2] Dan Geer has been one of several who have enumerated the dangers.
Here are two such examples:
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