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Hey guys, while listening to the last episode (recorded 20180404), I was curious about some of the reasoning behind the hashing algorithms recommended. I know that this may not necessarily be in your wheelhouse, so wild speculation is fine if need be. Do you know if there's a technical reason to use SHA2 over Whirlpool for message digests? Is it more secure somehow, or is it just more popular due to being the standardized function set?

In other realms, I've been working on setting up a mailserver on HardenedBSD using OpenSMTPD and Dovecot, I think I've got the software configured properly, but I'm wary to actually enable them yet because I'm not sure what certs and DNS records I should get set up for a secure mail system. This is purely for personal use, so stability isn't a huge issue, nor is data loss while experimenting with configuration. Are you aware of any guides that cover the entire process of establishing a personal mailserver? I've been using several different sources so far, including wikipedia, but the lack of any comprehensive guide makes it sound mostly like black magic (step one install the mailserver, step two do everything else). Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated, since having my own mailserver like that would greatly reduce my reliance on proprietary services.

Thanks in advance!
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