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Question 1:

Recently I upgraded one of my storage devices to ZFS. I wanted to copy files into  the dataset /mnt/pool0/backup but made a tiny mistake and found it copying my folders in /mnt/pool0. Thus I aborted the copy process, corrected my mistake and started copying into the dataset /mnt/pool0/backup.

Now i was wondering if this could have led to problems had I not corrected this ?
And what is the difference between a folder being made in pool0 and a dataset ?

Question 2:

Hard-disks have a certain size but these vary per type and manufacturer. But to claim a disk has a certain size e.g. 1TB this should mean that the device holds at least this amount in raw space, is this correct ?

I was wondering why we don't use the advertised size (1TB/ blocks)
to create a GPT partition for use with ZFS. Replacing a disk would always be good, unless
you put in a smaller one.

Of course we could also leave 1GB of free space at the end of a disk to compensate.

As i did this thinking in my first ZFS encounter, I'm sure my thinking is too simple.Could you please elaborate on this ?

Awesome Mike
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