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Greetings from Germany!

I am new to your show and I really enjoyed the few episodes I listened to by now. Especially the ones where you talk about ZFS and Laptop integration. ;)

I use ZFS on my linux (Ubuntu) machine by now and that brings me to my set of questions... ;)

I would like to migrate my Ubuntu 16.04 to some flavor of BSD.
I have experience with openBSD as a firewall and just set up a small server as an office internal MX relay using a smarthost.
The Ubuntu server runs the ZFS tools "".
The OS runs on a MD mirror and the zpool is a 4-disks striped mirror.

My ZFS are on version 5 according to "zfs get version".
In addition to the fileserver role using NFS and samba this server acts as a mail relay and archive running postfix and dovecot. as far as I got into openBSD this should be an easy, transparent migration. The same should basically apply to my openVPN server.

1. Can I migrate the existing ZFS by installing a flavor of BSD on the OS disks and just continue using the zpool?
2. I am using bridged openVPN with linux' tap interfaces. I am having a hard time to find information on how to do that in BSD.

The rest of the server won't be an issue at all as I figured out by now. :)

Now to my second "project": Laptop and Desktop...
Which BSD flavor should I pick to start with that has good support for desktop/laptop hardware?
I am thinking about using an old NC10 netbook, a Lenovo SL500 and as a special treat for myself: a mini_ITX based all-in-one-PC with an EETI eGalax touch screen...

I hope you can point me in some direction on my questions. I am not at all afraid to try multiple and work my way through some of the internals... ;)
I am about to setup an ubuntu test server with ZFS to try installing a new OS without touching the ZFS at all.

Thanks in advance and keep up the good stuff!
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