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Hello Allan, Benedict

congrats to your great show!

There is no need to use this message in your feedback and answer's section. I Am writing you because in one of your shows you made a call to arms to become a conference speaker.

I'd like to do that, but I am not very sure about what to talk about. In my day job my department uses FreeBSD exclusively (from the engineering desktop to our api servers and pbx systems). But it is standard stuff, ssh, jails, voip based on freeswitch, postgresql, memcache, postfix, ... Nothing "really" exciting.

On the other hand, what I care deeply about and looking regularly at news lately are privacy concerns. I just read an article e.g. where google is eliminating legal work of porn actors from google drive. What hit me most is googles response: "searches for this material is part automated and part manual labor in identifying questionable material". So there are People actively watching what content is on google drive and flag it as appropriate/inappropriate.

So for the last couple of years I built my own, inexpensive, private cloud using OVH as a provider which gives me a physical server for 36 euros a month (2x 2TBdrives, 16GB ram, 8cpu).

The installation consists of jails with:
authoritative DNS server (yadifa) with buddyns privacy oriented dns server as global master dns servers
rainloop webmail for nextcloud,
postfix (dkim, spf, etc.)
dovecot (imap)
libreoffice online (with nextcloud document integration)
Very light Project-management (nextcloud deck)
Draw.io grafing implementation
nextcloud pico cms integration to use it as a blogging engine
letsencrypt for certificate generation
etc. etc.

With a couple of phone apps, 2FA authentication and application based passwords I have a very nifty private cloud, on a dedicated server for much less then you would spent going out with your friends.

I am not sure if this is material for a privacy orientated talk, but one could integrate also VPN services and maybe tor proxy, ... but if you guys think that it could be an interesting talk I would like to make a presentation about how it all works together, give people some ideas to create their own private islands.

I am currently looking into creating ansible playbooks to setup the whole server with the push of a button.

Hope to hear from you guys,
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