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Hello Allan and Benedict. in the first place, thank you very much for the great podcast that you always manage to make. I am mainly a Linux (xubuntu) user and for storage I use Freenas. I am extremely happy with both systems. although there is a certain thing that I find very unfortunate and that is the rivalry between the Linux and the BSD community. I actually see more similarities than differences. I am fairly new in the field of Linux and BSD and therefore not really aware of alle the politics involved. but this is how I look at it. 
Is it not more logical to eventually merge both systems or bring them closer together? I fully understand that many folds need to be smoothed out and I might be very naive but it is really sad to see how divided the open source community is and how they fight each other. some posts on the internet are actually pretty frightening.
and we can learn so much from each other, for example the developments around ZFS. do you see a future where there is a kind of BSD / Linux combination. thanks again for all your work for the community. Frank
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