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Hello BSD Now crew

I am using the new FreeNAS corral setup and loving the new interface!

I am setting up a FreeNAS server for our development company and am interested in using Link Aggregation. 

We use a lot of large Photoshop files and I think it would be worth while setting up a LAGG interface.

I have a Dell PowerEdge R710 with 4 gigabit NIC's.

I want to know what protocol I should use, FreeNAS offers the following:

Failover (won't need)
Load balance
None (what does none mean :) )
Round Robin
Which protocol should I use if we are going to mount a SMB share for our staff which they will constantly read and write from and is there anything I need to worry about when it come to settings on our switch (e.g. some Google'ing tells me that LACP requires support on your switch).

Many thanks and AWESOME show! I am trying to become a full on BSD beast developer thanks to you guys!

Scott from Cape Town, South Africa
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