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Hello. JT, Allan, and Benedict,

Here is a forwarded message for consideration for inclusion on the show.

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From: Reyk Floeter <>
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2018 19:21:01 +0200
Subject: tech


when we develop code in OpenBSD, we have the choice of reviewing or
sharing our patches privately between individual developers, on an
internal list, or here on tech@.


    Discussion of technical topics for OpenBSD developers and
    advanced users. This is not a "tech support" forum; do not use it as
    such. OpenBSD developers will often make patches to implement new
    features and other important changes available for public testing
    through this list.

When I share code on tech@ it is intended to be reviewed and tested by
the wider community, not just developers.  I'm writing this mail
because I get a lot of cheerful feedback about some features, like the
recent httpd rewrite support, but almost no feedback on tech@ itself.

In the rewrite case, people were asking me in private emails, on
github, on Twitter: "Where is the feature?" or "Why does it take so
long to review?".  Despite the fact that the latter made me angry,
you're not my customer and this is voluntary work, I have the
following request:

Please read tech@, test diffs, share your thoughts (but keep the noise
on misc@).  Don't be shy: tech is NOT a list that is only for OpenBSD
developers.  If you're reading this list you're probably already an
"advanced user" - so take some time and give us your feedback!

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