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Good morning Allan, Benedict and JT

Ben asked back in Ep. 255 [http://dpaste.com/3XVH91T#wrap] if there was a full feed.  You were correct with the answer there is not and the audio was not moved over to the new provider (as I found out though investigations).

It was a shame to lose this audio history of the podcast as it contains a lot of information and commentary on the BSDs and pretty much a prime source for anyone that is interested.

So to that, I have pulled the audio streams from all the high def videos to make up the difference from the currently available MP3s and created easily accessible MP3 files for anyone to refer to.  They are all available here: https://dnld2.ar18.org/pub/podcasts/BSDNow/ including an index.txt file to feed into your download client along with the applicable SHA512 for each file.

I'll continue to update the archive with the weekly feed to keep it fresh.

Keep up the great work and entertainment,


Jason Tubnor
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