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In a recent show a listening asked for laptop discussion.  I'd like to
toss my experience in there.

I'm using the 2018 Dell XPS 13 mode (9370, I think).  The laptop is
awesome.  It's well built and small.  The battery life is great.  But
there are some quirks in there that one has to be willing to put up

Some specifics:

Networking: Needs work

- Built-in wifi doesn't work unfortunately.  It's being worked on but I
  have no idea when it will be supported.  I use a wifi dongle, which
  works well enough for me but is lame and slow.

- I have not looked hard but I have yet to find a USB-C Ethernet dongle
  that works with FreeBSD.  Using a USB-C dongle I connect a regular USB
  ethernet adapter and that works fine.

Graphics: Pretty good

- When watching video at full screen I do see refresh lines or whatever
  they are called, so it's not as good as watching on a Mac or Windows
  machine, but good enough for me.

- Screen brightness works.

- I have not gotten the webcam working (but haven't worked hard at it).

Sound: Needs work but I haven't tried hard

- Speakers work fine, albeit not super loud (I am almost always at 80 -
  90% volume).

- I have not gotten sound to work with headphones in, but I mostly use
  my phone for such things.

- I have not gotten the microphone working (but have not worked hard at

Suspend/Resume: Mostly works

- About 1 of every 40 resumes it hangs and I need to reboot.  This is a
  known issue and someone is working on it when they have time,
  something to do with NVMe resuming.

- About 1 out of every 60 times I suspend it fails to suspend.  This
  really sucks because you cannot even test to see if it is suspended
  without un-suspending it.  Mostly this happens rarely enough that I
  don't care too much.


- I do a lot of work on Linux so I run on bhyve, works great.

- Screen sharing on Hangouts works, but MSFT Teams wants a plugin
  installed which I haven't done.  I have not tried Slack or Riot. But
  for the most part any video calls I do on my phone.
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