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Hi guys,

the listener with the black screen in the bootloader may want to try addind a
`mode 0` to his loader's config.
Fiddling with the FreeBSD 11 memstick
image* I've got the initial loader displayed
fine on my x220 booting with EFI. But
anything the kernel printed afterwards
was messed up and unreadable. I used the
`mode` command on the loader's prompt
to set the resolution before booting but
the ones higher than mode 0 I've tried
didn't work on the loader's prompt to begin
So if for some reason the bootloader
chooses a resolution which can't be
displayed by default setting the lowest
one (i.e. mode 0) might help.

Kind regards, keep up the good work!

PS: I noticed you're slowly getting used
to the higher latency between the hosts ; )

*) Making sure the new pool I was
creating works not only on the
12-CURRENT currently installed on
my laptop. Got a lot of hands-on
with geli in the process though and
sure won't forget to set the blocksize
again when initializing a volume
which will have ZFS on top… :P
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