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Hi Guys,

Happy New Year..

I was hoping you guys could answer a few questions that have been bugging me.

#1 - zfs snap shots, if i snap shot a data set and sone how store it off the device, or on a usb key.. in the event the data set is hit with cryptolocker or similar, would that allow me to survive such an attack by just installing a new system and restoring the snapshot?

#2 - back in the amiga days there was a special kernel operation called RAD.  In short it would allow you to reserve a chunk of memory and use it as a recoverable ram drive that would survive a warm boot .. ie in the say i made a script that would take 128 megs of ram, protect it and copy work bench to it .. would allow me to run the os entirely from ram.  Is there such a method for open bsd or freebsd?

#3 - if i have a zfs nas, is it possible to create a data set for a workstation and have it boot from the nas as if it was its own hard drive?
Ie a vm as an external host.

Hope to hear from you guys, love the show

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