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So my dashcam stopped working. Turned out it was because of this Ubuntu linux feature where when you delete files from a removable disk, like a USB dashcam, it saves them to a .Trash hidden folder on the removable disk itself, and it had filled up the camera's 8GB flash drive with trash. 

The camera itself couldnt figure out what was going on, and i couldnt even delete the hidden folder. It just sat there, unable to do anything, unable to record, unable to switch into 'delete' mode. It was creating empty folders, like it wanted to record, then putting nothing inside of them.

There are literally hundreds of people who have reported this as a bug to the various ubuntu and linux powers that be, but it has never changed. I think it might be considered a "gnome issue" or whatever. I really dont care though. All I know is my dashcam quit working. 

Does BSD do this? But far more importantly, what is the "BSD philosophy" on a design choice like this? What do the "BSD desktop environments" do in this situation? Thanks!

-anonymous questioner
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