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Hi Benedict and Allan

Thanks for the great show, and all the answers for other questions I
had on previous episodes. Here's another one I was hoping you guys
could help me:

I am running 11.1 and wonder if it is possible to add a second
hard-drive for mirroring to add redundancy to the system if my
existing hard-drive fails. This system is already running with a dozen
different jails configured, and I would like to avoid doing a fresh
FreeBSD install.

Gpart tells me i have 3 partitions (freebsd-boot, freebsd-swap,
freebsd-zfs) which makes me think this is not possible. I not only
want the data in my ZFS dataset to be mirrored, but also the boot
partition (so i could always boot from the other drive if the original
one was defective).

Anyways, thought about asking to see if there's a viable option to do
this on a live system without going through a whole re-install.

Thank you so much
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