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Just wanted to say I've been a fan of the show for a long time.. I just wanted to ask about a couple of things.

In the early days (I think it was e20 or so) you did a great bhyive show.  could we get an update to that?  I would love to see ways to pass pci information to guests, and other cool tricks that can be done with a stupid fast freebsd host.

in your zfs book series with Michael,  I could never find anything about the best practice for vdev conventions vs pools.  For example, If I have 7 drives (or even hundreds or thousands) should I make 1 pool with all of the drives and then make say a 3 drive strip and a 4 drive zraid5 .. (or any other configuration)  .. or would it be best to make 2 pools, one with each.

I have been on a quest to obtain a nix based tablet.. have you ever been able to get free/openbsd on a tablet with touch screen and similar?  is there any distro / project that you are aware of similar to ubuntu's current touch development project.

thanks in advance.

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