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I'm one of the viewers that decided to haul myself half way across the country to
attend vBSDcon in anticipation of meeting yourselves, Dan from TS, and Shawn Webb,
as well as hopefully pick up some useful data that I can apply with my new position as
"netops-but-not-really-networking" position, building out infrastructure for internal company use.

While there wasn't a ton of data that was terribly relevant to what I was looking at in particular,
it was a great experience (even though Shawn had to leave before I could meet him). I'm a very introverted and fairly shy individual
so I didn't end up talking to as many people as I probably should have, but it was great talking to the
various people at the different BOF's and at the table in the main conference hall.

It was a great experience overall, the only flaw was that I have a hard time branching out,
and I unfortunately slept through the BSD certification exams. But, those are completely on me.
Hopefully next conference I'll get out there a bit more, and maybe get certified. The BSD
community is fantastic, even though I'm a bit of an outlier with DragonFly BSD being my daily driver :P
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