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Greeting Beastly Gents!

Your show has helped me quite a bit over the years! I've gone from being
a knucklehead project manager to a paying gig as a Linux admin/engineer
and a side-job as a FreeBSD admin. (still a knucklehead though :)

My google-fu or rather, duckduckgo-do has failed me at finding
performance tuning tips for mariadb as a data store for a php7 web app
on freebsd. We're running a few small sites in jails on UFS. The mariadb
docs only have some general suggestions, which aren't super helpful. I
did notice that there are one or two packages in the ports collections
that can make suggestions on performance tuning, but I wasnt sure if how
accurate they were. Can you give me an idea on how to start?

One other Q - what's the best source of documentation on kernel tunables
and sysctl's for FreeBSD?

Thanks for the help,

PS - Do you ever get tired of answering ZFS questions?
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