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Here's a report from the third BSD Users Stockholm Meetup, that took 
place on September 5.

The meetup took place in the B3 (formerly B3IT) offices in central 
Stockholm and about 25 people showed up to listen to interesting talks 
and hang out.
After I've welcomed everyone, the first speaker, Anton Lindqvist took 
the stage.  Anton presented his work on Fuzzing the OpenBSD kernel with 
syzkaller, and the kcov code coverage driver he wrote to help with this. 
  It was very interesting, and even though Anton had only worked on it 
for a little while, he'd already found a couple of bugs in OpenBSD.  As 
this work progresses, there will be further talks about it at the 
Meetup. also wrote a short blurb about it, with links to 
the slides.  It can be found here:;sid=20180906072459.
The next talk was from Janne Johansson, who presented 0x10 things you 
didn't know about rsync.  This talk detailed the various things you can 
do with rsync.  It turns out rsync is really versatile, and has a host 
of different features.
After the talks, it was time for some food and drink and discussions. 
While some people had to head home a bit early, there was quite a lot of 
people still around, and there were many interesting discussions.
After the food, I did a short presentation about upcoming conferences, 
especially EuroBSDCon where we did a quick review of the schedule.
A few people stayed after the official program was over, for more 
discussions and just to hang out a bit more.
Over all it was a very successful Meetup, and a nice turnout with about 
25 people.  A big thank you to B3 Init for hosting us and providing us 
with food and something to drink!  The next meetup is scheduled for 
November 13, at the same place.  More info about that can be found here:

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