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Hi Allan and Benedict,

I finally splurged on some shiny, new SSD since they were discounted 
enough to justify the cost of 2 (to replace the ZFS mirror in my 
desktop).  I'm doing a fresh install of FreeBSD 12 on them, and I have a 
few questions.

First, does the FreeBSD 12 installer create a single boot pool for UEFI 
boot?  I don't have boot environments yet since I have a separate 
bootpool, so I feel like I'm missing out.

Second, what are the correct steps to replace a pool for an upgrade like 
this?  After I set up the OS on the new disks, I want to be able to 
import the old pools to copy data from them.  Anything special required 
to keep them from conflicting with the new pool and for GELI decryption 
to work?  I've done this before, but it's been a while and I likely made 
it more difficult than it should've been.

Finally, are there any special settings or considerations to be aware of 
for ZFS on SSD?

Thanks for the help and the great show, guys.  The new 1-hour show 
length feels right, so I hope this email isn't too long.  :)
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