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Hi Allan and Benedict,

I really love the show! Keep up the awesome work.

One question I have is around the community culture for the BSD's. I recently joined the misc list for OpenBSD since I really like the idea of a security above all else mentality. 

One big turn off was how incredibly rude the list can be from the lead maintainers of the OpenBSD project. It was such a turn off that I left the list and decided to focus places that are more positive. I can understand that the lists are often terse and to the point but it seems the maintainers of OpenBSD love to go to a personal level and routinely call people stupid and idiots and on and on. This is really unfortunate for an open source project that gets input from volunteers. Turning a newbie into a contributor should be a goal in my opinion. But it is not the case, at least with OpenBSD.

Are all of the BSD communities this way?

Keep up the great work and I always look forward to the show each week!
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