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Hi Alan, Kris and JT,

I really enjoy the show and I've been using FreeBSD instead of Linux for my personal servers for that last few years because of Alan talking about it on TechSNAP, ZFS and jails. I run a few small $5/month VMs on Digital Ocean and Vultr to host my own DNS via BIND, relay mail via postfix and host a web server via nginx, each running in it's own jail and all configured with Puppet.

I'm attempting to setup the bird daemon to do BGP on a pair of FreeBSD VMs on Vultr do do automatic failovers of a floating IP. When I start the bird daemon I get an error "Socket error: Kernel does not support TCP MD5 signatures". It seems that the generic FreeBSD kernel is compiled without the TCP_SIGNATURE option. I really don't want to have to compile a custom kernel. Is there a reason this functionality is only available with a custom kernel? Unfortunately the Vultr docs only cover doing this on Linux and I'm having trouble translating the instructions. It instructs me to setup the floating IP on a "dummy" interface in Linux, but I can't figure out the right way to do this on FreeBSD. I've googled dummy net, but I haven't found good documentation about what it is or how to use it, I think it may not be the same thing as the Linux dummy interface.

Thanks for the awesome show and I hope to run see you again at a future BSD conference.
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