Warren - ZFS volume size limit (show #233)

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The Bonwick article you read at the top of show #233 says the max size of a ZFS volume is 2^128 *blocks*, but Wikipedia says it’s 2^128 *bytes*:


(Data table, upper right.)

In a fight between Bonwick and this particular Wikipedia page, I assume Bonwick wins, but could you confirm?

If Wikipedia is wrong, would you also please edit the Wikipedia page?  I could edit it, but “I heard it on a podcast” doesn’t strike me as subject matter expertise.  :)  It’s better if the coauthor of the ZFS book does it.

From your reference to the ashift value in this segment, I assume that what is meant here is not the ZFS *record* size, correct?  Those larger things, which default to 128 kB, are sometimes called “ZFS blocks,” but that’s not what we’re talking about here, right?

If you’d like another way of looking at the ZFS volume size limitations than this boiling the ocean argument, you might like my answer to the question “What is the sense behind ZFS’s limits?” at unix.stackexchange.com:

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