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I understand the security of TarSnap when the user is the only one who has the keys, but one other issue is beginning to emerge.  With Quantum Computing becoming a reality, does TarSnap use a (supposedly) quantum hard encryption algorithm? And when did TarSnap start using a quantum hard encryption algorithm? Anyone who has stored a non-quantum-hard encrypted volume on the web may have that data escape when large quantum computers become available.

Also, after listening to a few episodes of the podcast 'My Hard Drive Died', the host, who does hard drive recovery for a living says you should NEVER use SSDs in a raid system.  Since the failure mechanism of an SSD is dependent on the number of writes, if an SSD dies in a busy raid system, the other drives will be close behind, and are likely to die during the resilvering process.  Though there's a chance you will get through the resilvering, you can see the danger there.

  I suggest that if you MUST use SSDs in a busy raid setup, you should buy an extra drive. As an example let's use a three way raid system.

Put drives 1, 2, and 4 in the raid and run it for 1 month.
Remove drive 2 and install drive 3, and run it for 2 months.
Now remove drive 1 and install drive 2, and run it for 1 month.
Now drive 2 has 2 months of writes on it, drive 3 has 3 months of writes on it, and drive 4 has 4 months of writes on it. This should make the array a little safer.
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