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I have TrueOS on my laptop, and I'm learning TrueOS and FreeBSD.
I gather that TrueOS is based on FreeBSD, and has some extra packages
over FreeBSD and maybe some slightly different configuration of some

[edited:  TrueOS version "stable repository"
   (it would be nice if TrueOS gave the version number in SysAdm Update Manager)
 (ah got something from uname -a:  trueos-stable-17.12)
FreeBSD version 12.0-CURRENT
postgresql 9.4]

I have a fair amount of experience from Linux, and I can use the
command line ....  I'm trying to learn FreeBSD and it is not going
that well.  I have found the handbooks in /usr/local/share/doc/freebsd,
which is somewhat helpful.  But they don't always answer the questions
I have, which are more like "I know postgresql has config files that
specify where the data files are, where is that config file?"
than "how do I start a service". (I will come back to a more
specific set of questions later.)

Also, those ports and the pkg system ...

So I understand that on FreeBSD, the software is split into two
tiers - the base system and the ports.  Ok, so ports can be installed
with portsnap or cvs ... or make.  I understand that if some software
is installed with pkg, it should not also be installed with ports.

The zeroth question:  Can you install some packages with ports
and some with pkg?  At this stage of my learning, I'm aiming
to avoid any customization of the source before installing.
I just want to familiarize with how to use the package and
ports systems.

My first question is:  if I build and install with ports, and make no
changes to the configuration in any package, then is it ok to mix ports
and pkg commands on the same software (eg, install with pkg, uninstall
with ports)

Second question: I installed several postgresql packages using pkg.
Then I did a portsnap update fetch, and then a make extract.  The goal
was to examine the source code, not build or install it.  Although I
might build, but I'm not going to install from ports (at this stage).
Is it ok to mix portsnap and make commands like that, as long as I
don't try to install from ports when I have already installed
with pkg?

Third question.  I was in directory
/usr/ports/databases/postgresql94-server when I gave the
portsnap update fetch command.  When it finished, the cwd
was invalid.  Did I do something wrong?

Fourth question.  To make the cwd valid again, I issued:
cd /usr/ports/databases/postgresql94-server.
Then I ran make extract.
The purpose of getting the postgresql source was to find
out how postgres figures out where the data directory is.
Because the config files for postgresql that I can find
don't seem to say.
In /usr/local/pgsql/data/xxx.conf,
all the items which might indicate where the database data
files are, are commented out.  I guess the default is
hardcoded in the postgresql makefiles which had been
customized for FreeBSD builds?  ... Eeeeh, automake.
Getting past my comfort level.

Fifth question:  working with source code in ports (or in base system)
as root ... as far as I can tell, you have to be root to work with the
source code (to build, even to extract).  Is that right?  If so, is there
a plan to change that so you can generally work as a regular user
and only when you need root (eg, to install to system directories)
then you run the minimum number of commands as root?
If there is no general will by the community to do that, does anyone
do that on their own?  Can they give some guidance, maybe in
a segment on BSDNow?

Sixth question:  I think pkg wants to use "pgsql" as the postgres
user and ports defaults to "postgres" ... is that right?
How can I tell what other differences there might be between
the pkg version of a software and the ports version?

Seventh question, on the TrueOS overlay on FreeBSD and how it
interacts with the package systems: There is also this gui thing
SysAdm, is it ok to install packages with pkg and SysAdm, or should I
avoid that and only use SysAdm when using TrueOS?  I think SysAdm
doesn't interact with the ports system, is that true?  Is SysAdm a
layer over the pkg system or am I misunderstanding how SysAdm works?
I've tried starting postgresql-server with that and: 7a) the list of
"services" does not show "start on boot=true" for postgresql, even
though I added postgresql_enable="YES" to /etc/rc.conf.  So I clicked
the button to "enable" postgres and it now says true for start on
boot, but I don't see a difference in /etc/rc.conf ... what did it do
to make it visible to SysAdm?  7b) But when I click the "start now"
button, postgres doesn't change to "started" state.  So clearly,
something is preventing it from starting ... but what?  Ah, in
/var/log/messages it says
/usr/home/pgsql/data/postgresql.conf not found.
Aha, so the data was not in
/var/lib/pgsql/data.  See, it would have been nice to find out where
the database and postgresql conf files were, before getting to this
stage.  Holy %$%^@, there is no /usr/home/pgsql.  So where is postgres
configured to look there?  Oh man, this is so weird.  There is a user
whose home directory is /usr/local/pgsql (as per /etc/passwd), but
postgres looks for its files in /usr/home/pgsql.  Really?  Also
/usr/home/pgsql does not exist, but /usr/local/pgsql does exist.  This
is driving me nuts.

Well I'm only getting started, I want to really get my hands dirty
with FreeBSD.  I have various things I've been doing on Linux that
I want to try to do on FreeBSD.  And to make it harder, I'm also
going to try to change from apache to lighttpd.  Supposedly it
should make my life easier, but we'll see.  But those are next
steps, after I get postgresql to run.

Might be nice also to study the source code in the base and ports
systems ... but I need to get comfortable with all these code
management systems first.

And now a question about your podcast.  First off, thanks
for the podcast!

1) There are a few segments on the podcast: the news, beastie bits,
community questions, interviews, roundup.  What other segments are
there, and what are the goals of each segment?  It's obvious what the
"news", "interviews", and "community questions" segments are, but what
is the goal of "beastie bits", "roundup" and any other segments there
might be?  How is that different from the other segments?

I looked on the web site to see if there was such a
list/explanation and didn't find it.  (eg, on the "about" page)


One last point, I have asked one or two questions on irc.  The
answers were "That's TrueOS, go ask them" and "read the handbooks".
Also "try our other forum where you have to register and log in".
And crickets.  So, I am working my way through the handbooks,
but I'm not able to do anything useful on FreeBSD yet and maybe
I'm slow but it would be nice to have a bit of a helping hand
occasionally, even if it is just "see this section of this
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