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Hi JT, Allan, and Benedict,

As I recall, Allan still uses Warden for jails, but I'm hoping one of the others of you has experience with iocage.

On my desktop machine, I was running iocage 0.99-something on TrueOS 18.03. I had built several jails. Before I nuked and paved onto FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE, I did an iocage export <jailname>, then attempted to iocage import on my laptop, which was already running 12.0 and iocage 1.0. None of them would import on the 12.0 box. Unfortunately, I have lost the error messages.

So I have a few questions. First, is iocage working in FreeNAS 11.2? Second, will I be able to migrate jails from FreeNAS (which has py36-iocage-11.2_1551291903) to and from FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE (version py36-iocage-1.0)? I'd like to start setting up several jails, one for a salt master, one for (possibly) M/Monit, etc. (I'm still shopping for a network monitor.)

Anyway, I hope someone has some practical experience. I'm going to mess with it, but figured I would ask as well.

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